Whitetail Deer

We are professionals at hunting and guiding for Maine trophy whitetail deer. We work with your abilities to help you get your best chance at a personal trophy. We have a lifetime of being in the woods with these deer and knowing their pattern and habitat, and offer you purposefully placed tree stands and ground blinds so we can put you where the deer are going to be, not simply where they have been. If you don’t want to sit in a stand or blind, we create a stalking plan with you. Our goal is for you to be in the woods where the big deer are, to hopefully get a shot at one, and to come home safely. Maine may not have the number of whitetails as your home state and you may not see as many. Our whitetails get big because they are smart and this hunt is not guaranteed. Choosing an outfitter is a big decision. Once you book with us, trust your guide, do what is recommended, and your odds will increase.

Our hunts are as follows: Arrive Sunday 3-5pm, hunt Monday-Friday, leave Saturday morning. Comfy bedding and towels are provided, housekeeping service keeps the bathrooms tidy and stocked with essentials. We don’t mix separate parties in bedrooms, but this means we don’t typically guarantee which room or cabin you will have until all rooms/cabins are booked. Breakfast starts the day in plenty of time to get in the woods before daybreak. Lunch is packed by our staff according to your order placed the previous evening, and is ready at breakfast for you to grab on your way out the door. We provide delicious home-cooked dinners and desserts, eaten together as a group each night where the stories of the day are shared.

Guided hunts include the guide, stand/blind or stalking plan, game retrieval and dressing, lodging, and three meals per day. Semi-guided hunts include map assistance of the area with suggestions based on your level of experience and physical ability explained to us, lodging, and 3 meals per day.

  • 10% Veteran Discount for any of our activities at Pine Grove Lodge.
  • Rates are per person.
  • Guided: $1,500
  • Semi-Guided: $1,100